BM Molecule Generation Experience: new materials design with AI and Hybrid Cloud

IBM has announced the release of the IBM Molecule Generation Experience (MolGX) (pronounced “Mol-gee-ex”), a molecular reverse design platform that automatically designs brand new molecular structures rapidly and diversely. With Inverse-design IBM aims to discover new custom materials.

In recent decades, the science of chemistry has made great strides in discovering new and useful materials.  The recent development of thermoplastics or structural polymers has had a huge impact on many applications ranging from new colors to clothing fibers and photographic film. These are all examples of how science has contributed to the creation of essential materials for everyday use.

The discovery of new materials is the driving force behind the expansion and improvement of industrial products. From tissue engineering to the discovery of drugs or the discovery of sustainable materials that are more environmentally friendly, there are still countless chemical compounds waiting to be discovered. However, the vastness of the chemical space, which inhabits all possible design combinations of material structures, exceeds the ability of human experts to investigate even a small fraction of them.

MolGX is part of IBM ‘s rapid discovery strategy, which aims to overload the scientific methodology using AI, hybrid cloud, automation, and quantum computing. Its goal is to accelerate the discovery of new materials by 10 to 100 times.



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