War in Ukraine: Anonymous hacked Russian intelligence service and leaked 360,000 documents

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The Ukrainian hacker group Anonymous hacked into Roskomnadzor, the Russian federal media watchdog, and released 360,000 files.

Among the documents released by Anonymous, some of which date back to March 5, are documents showing that Russia is censoring anything that refers to the war as a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Roskomnadzor has banned the use of Facebook by Russia after pointing to Russian articles as inaccurate. They also threaten to block Russian Wikipedia because it included an article on the Russian invasion.

A few days ago, Anonymous hacked several Russian broadcasts, interrupting the content and leaving messages saying that normal Russians do not support the war.

Anonymous has been waging a cyber war against Russia since the invasion began on February 24. The group has been praised for violating several Russian government websites. They also launched a website where users could send emails to random Russians whose email addresses were stored in the database, encouraging users to “spread the truth about the war in Ukraine.”


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