Cybersecurity News

GootLoader Hackers Targeting Employees of Law and Accounting Firms

Operators of the GootLoader campaign are setting their sights on employees of accounting and law firms as part of a fresh onslaught of widespread cyberattacks to deploy malware on infected systems, an indication that the adversary is expanding its focus to other high-value targets. “GootLoader is a stealthy initial access

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PM security breach: SC flags war of words, names probe team head

Sayint that the “blame game” and “war of words” between the Centre and Punjab government may “impair the need of a robust mechanism to respond at such a critical juncture”, the Supreme Court on Wednesday appointed its former judge, Justice Indu Malhotra, to head a five-member committee to probe the security breach during Prime

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Norwegian Media Company Amedia Suffered a Serious Cyber Attack That Left Newspapers Unprinted

Norwegian media company Amedia suffered a cyber attack that shut down its computer systems, preventing the company from printing newspapers. According to the company, the incident also affected its advertising and subscription systems, preventing advertisers from ordering new ads and subscribers from enrolling or canceling their subscriptions. Amedia Executive Vice President of Technology Pål Nedregotten said the incident forced it

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