It has been said that ‘All achievements have their beginning in an idea.’ Similarly, in 2016 a community of Greek Cyber professionals was created, setting as its initial goal to create a Greek cyber security team that would participate for the first time in that year’s European cyber security games of ENISA. The community’s first step was to organize the qualifying games in July 2016. This was accomplished with the help of the sponsorship of the qualifiers by TwelveSec and the University of Piraeus which provided the venues and the technical means for the qualifying games.  The goal of these games was to identify 10 young people aged between 14 to 30 with no prior professional experience in cyber security. With the great voluntary work of the community, within a short period of time, the necessary CTF security challenges were developed. The CTF games took place on 7th July 2016 at the University of Piraeus.

After the end of the qualifying games, the community decided to appoint Yiannis Koukouras, as the coach for the preparation of the Greek team and Dimitris Dorizas, as the contest referee – in accordance to the ENISA regulations. The team of the 10 winners, along with their coach and the contest referee, represented Greece at the 2016 European competition of ENISA  where they managed to secure fifth place. The Greek team was supported by two sponsors, First Data and Encode.