Building a strong cybersecurity ecosystem at the heart of discussions at the Informal Meeting of European Telecommunications Ministers

The Informal Meeting of Ministers of Telecommunications took place on March 8 and 9, 2022, under the French Presidency, in the cities of Paris and Nevers, France. Cyprus was represented by the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Mr. Kyriakos Kokkinos. At the heart of the Summit was the need to build a strong cyber security ecosystem in Europe that will ensure the protection and resilience of electronic communications networks and infrastructure, as well as the readiness to deal collectively and effectively with large-scale cyber attacks. In addition, there was a need to reassess any geopolitical dependencies on European broadband networks, in the light of both the Ukrainian and the wider instability and uncertainty observed in the global geopolitical environment.

In his speech, the Cypriot Deputy Minister pointed out that cybersecurity is a global concern, more relevant than ever, adding that it is our duty to create a modern and secure environment of information and network infrastructure, networks and services, which guarantees the rights of citizens. but also to enable them to reap the maximum benefits from the digital economy. Stressed the urgent need to strengthen the existing European protection and coordination framework (CSIRT-Network and CyCLONE), while pushing for the completion and rapid implementation of the new legislative framework, while emphasizing the importance of facilitating the exchange of information – in real time – between States. -members (MS) as well as the establishment of a mechanism of immediate technical support in cases of large-scale events and crises. “Solidarity, cooperation and trust are building blocks of a secure European cyberspace,” he said, stressing that Cyprus, taking advantage of its geostrategic position and developing a robust and robust submarine telecommunications infrastructure, could be a gateway to Europe. and pillar of stability at regional level. Finally, he stressed the importance of skills development, training and career advancement in the cybersecurity sector, in order to strengthen the EU’s capabilities and respond more effectively to ever-increasing and evolving needs and challenges.

At a working lunch that followed, the Ministers exchanged views on the issues of hybrid threats, misinformation and manipulation of information on the Internet, especially in critical times and situations, such as today, emphasizing the need for a common approach to mitigation. but also to address their multiple negative consequences for the EU economy and society.

Finally, the Ministerial Declaration on “Women in Entrepreneurship and Innovation” was adopted, which aims to raise awareness and formulate common solutions to promote an open, fair and inclusive innovation and technology ecosystem in Europe, with equal and independent gender representation. and access to investment and financing.

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